Quadrox Outsourcing company

http://www.quadrox.com    21-50    1993

Quadrox is a provider of digital video security solutions. Its standards-based WebCCTV™ & GuardNVR™ product family provides an efficient and reliable infrastructure by which companies can distribute, update and manage video sources and content over corporate intranets, extranets and the Internet. Quadrox European offices are located in Belgium.

United States (Henderson)   Belgium (Bonheiden)




WebCCTV VMS is the most standards-based network video recorder available on the market. As new standards emerge expect Quadrox to be the first to support them.



QTrend is an easy-to-install and customizable retail solution which collects data on store visitors, estimates visit trends and generates user-friendly reports based on the collected data.



QPOS Link is a specific video solution that matches surveillance video of the area around POS with POS transaction data such as: receipt information, transaction IDs, item numbers, register numbers, employee numbers, location or amounts.

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