HumanoIT Group

HumanoIT Group Outsourcing company    1-20    2006

HumanoIT Group are engaged in developing of modern technological products that people really need. People need them because they save their time and allow them to spend more time on hobbies and devotions, friends and family. Technologies make us free from standing in long lines, tiresome driving to shops, from expensive international calls. Technologies give us hours, days and weeks, which we can use to improve our intelligence and spirit. People need them because they make such things possible, of which we could only dream 10-20 years ago: internet dating, access to all human knowledge for visually disabled people, buying tickets and booking hotel rooms online, video chatting with people across the ocean and so on. Any knowledge is on the tip of your fingers. HumanoIT Group is happy to be on the top of the waves of modern technologies and happy to create successful products, which people need.

Belarus (Minsk)


Khutki Grosh


Khutki Grosh is a mobile application for business owners. It makes the process of invoicing and payments control easier.



Design and development of a site for “Promtransinvest” company. The company has a 20-year-old history, it executes compulsory insurance (including “Green card”) and all types of voluntary insurance (including Autocasco, property and accident insurance) and takes leading positions among the insurers of the Republic of Belarus.

Design of the site of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Belarus


We remade the site of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Belarus. In the result of our work the site received absolutely new, modern design. All the sectors of the site were kept, but some changes in the structure were done: it became simpler, more logic and understandable for users.

Pizza Smile


Mobile application of “Pizza Smile” pizzeria chain is all you need. With its help, ordering your favorite dish or booking a table in a restaurant is much easier. All you need is to download the application and any restaurant of pizzeria chain will be always open for you!

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