Aspen Technology Labs

Aspen Technology Labs Outsourcing company    21-50    2002

Aspen Technology Labs is a full service online recruitment software agency since 2002. Over 10 million candidates have used our technology last year as part of their career search. Our software clients range from multi billion corporations to start ups. Since 2008, Aspen Technology Labs has moved to a software as service model offering job board, career site software and job wrapping service. We offer a complete package of online career tools and supporting services.


Career Site Software


Job advertising platform for HR. Built-in Search Engine Optimization for jobs, integrated ATS & spider, jobs broadcasting.

Job wrapping & spider software


Job wrapping service, job spider software for job boards and online recruitment businesses.

Job Board Software


A fully featured job board software: unique web 2.0 and job marketing tools, automated SEO.

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