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Zoral Labs is a software research and development company. The majority of our staff has an advanced degree in their field (PhD or MSc) and a minimum of 5 years experience. We specialize in advanced software fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (AI/ML), High Speed Computing, Unstructured Data processing, Finance and Security. In addition we work with many Venture Capital backed companies to help enhance the value of their intellectual property. Zoral Labs collaborates with a number of leading university research facilities and generates its own research projects in the field of AI/ML, Unstructured data, Behavioural Analytics and Security. We have created a wide range of software products and patents in these fields. Our products are used daily, worldwide on millions of computers, mobile phones and other devices. In addition to its research, Zoral Labs is recognized globally for its high quality engineering methodology and execution. We have an established reputation for innovation, creativity, high quality and reliability. Many of the world's 24/7 e-commerce and Internet finance systems run on Zoral Labs' manufactured and supported technology.

United Kingdom (London)


Content Rationalization and Migration System


Built on the Microsoft .NET platform, it is designed to automate very large scale, heterogeneous content migration projects, harvesting, interpollating, deriving, enriching and enhancing metadata for automatic loading into SharePoint and other homogeneous content management systems. The product helps provide rigour and automation in unstructured data management for large and medium sized corporations.



JobReferral is a highly functional, comprehensive, smart job referral system capable of being hosted (provided as a SaaS based system), installed locally to manage in house referrals or white labelled.

Online Rewards Loyalty Management Platform intro


Marketing Advantage (MA) is a complete, fully featured Online Rewards Loyalty, Promotions management system for principals, agents, their merchants and consumers.



SENTRA is Zoral Lab's advanced, enterprise strength, highly granular sentiment & entity relation extraction and transaction system.

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