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Dedicated to stretching the definition of web design and web development, XTLabs, Inc. is a European based software development company providing comprehensive marketing solutions with an instinctive and disciplined approach. Our range of communications services is inclusive of strategic planning, creative development, market research, internet marketing, collateral development and design, 3D design, media production & placement and custom web site design & development & interactive marketing solutions.

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Online logistics system


System is intended for the company, which achieves sale of goods by large and small wholesale, and so by that achieving delivery of goods. System tracks the motion of automobiles and their coordinates in real time mode, with the aid of GPS- system.

Information-analytical system for Ukrainian stock exchange market


Information-analytical system created for organization and functioning of uniform information space in the stock exchange market of Ukraine. The system was developed for members of National Associations of Exchanges of Ukraine. Main purpose of the system is maintenance and operative on-line access to the complete information by results of tenders, proposition and demand in the exchange market, dictionaries, and analytical calculations.

eCRM (Customer Relationship Management) system


eCRM is a user-friendly web-based system to run business contacts, manage sales, projects and tasks.

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