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X INFOTECH, a company from Latvia, is a leading systems integrator and MultiPerso software developer. X INFOTECH is the trusted partner and the leader in delivering premium solutions for issuing, validating and managing of smart cards and electronic documents (electric identification cards, electronic passport, electronic driver license, electronic vehicle registration, healthcare cards, social payment cards) worldwide.Our clients can benefit from fully developed and robust solutions in the shortest possible time. Our service area ranges throughout Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Latvia (Daugavpils)   Kenya (Nairobi)


Mobile Gateway


Mobile Gateway is an automated system for providing services through the mobile communication channels (SMS, USSD) or online channels (XML or JSON requests). This solution allows deploying a mobile bank service, organizing remote user account control channel or channel for transmission of transactional data between multiple hosts, etc.

Key Management system


MultiPerso Key Management System software provides all necessary functionality for secure generation, handling and transportation of highly sensitive objects, such as chip personalization keys and EMV certificates, for example.



MultiPerso AFIS software is developed to manage the flow of biometric data of all citizens in the country and provides a trusted solution for quick and precise identification. AFIS is integrated into identification applications for most of the governmental institutions, financial establishments and other organizations around the world that are in need of fast and precise identity check - Population Register, Registry Office, Social service Office, etc.

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