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Mindfire specialize in software product development, and have delivered commercial-grade systems repeatedly. We follow Agile methods and believe in collaboration more than documents to get new stuff developed. We are focused on getting to done, together with clients. Mindfire has added value to more than 250+ clients in US, Europe, Australia and Asia in the 16+ years of its operation. The company has 700+ people, spread across 3 Advanced Development Centers(ADCs) in India, which are equipped with ultra modern facilities, and where Mindfireans strive round the clock for achieving customer delight.

India (Bangalore, Noida, Bhubaneswar)   United States (Troy)


Application for real estate agents


The application is used to manage real estate business online. Real estate agents can create clients, classify them and manage transactions with the clients, save documents related to the transactions. Also they can manage events, meetings, transactions using calendars. The application uses docusign to sign online on the documents, so no paperwork needed to close the deal.

Full-fledged MU2 Certified Electronic Medical Record System


This is a full-fledged web based EMR application which provides comprehensive solution to a physician's needs. The HIPAA compliant application is done with a complete PMS system, DMS system, LIMS System, Data Integration System, Online Pharmacy Ordering, and many other support systems that an EMR would require to interact with.

Web Solution for Auto Dealers


We developed a comprehensive web solution for auto-dealers. This informative web application provides various features which the auto-dealers would use to manage their vehicles. On creating a valid account in the system, the auto-dealer can avail a number of services and use them to his advantage.

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