Mautic Plugins

Mautic Plugins Startup    51-200

Our Center of Excellence is attained with the development and delivery of top notch Custom and utility plugins to enhance the Mautic experience. Mautic integration, Mautic support, and Mautic consultation to a clientele wide spread across the globe by making sure they enjoy premium services at regular prices.


Third-party integration Plugins for Mautic


Third-party integration plugins for Mautic providing social media enhancement with Facebook ads, lead generation, Campaign monitor among other features. Advertisers also have access to SMS bundle functionalities and integration with ecommerce platforms such as Woocommerce.

Utility Plugins for Mautic


Utility Mautic plugins comprising of solutions for email, SMS, RSS feed, social media, tracking and reporting. In addition to the functionalities integration and lead generation also implemented to the Mautic platform.

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