Forma-Pro Outsourcing company

Forma-Pro is a PHP software development company with years of experience. Our aim is a high-quality product meeting the customer's needs. We like doing our job well and make sure we have everything needed for that. It is very important for us to be in the same team with the customer during the development process. Effective cooperation, working in the atmosphere of confidence and respect is the passport to a successfull project. Order and clarity are important to get a quality product. We use Agile practices allowing us to control the project workflow and code quality. Test-driven development and object-oriented design are the core concepts we use in our work. The main tool helping us transfer these concepts into the perfect code is Symfony PHP framework. As a result our customer gets a functional, easy to maintain and modify product of hight quality. Also customers have all the information, quick feedback, the ability to make changes and full control on the development process.

Ukraine (Kharkiv)




was launched in 2009 and quickly become one of the most popular portal on a tech jobs market in France. Being used by such giants of the IT industry like Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Netvibes, Dailymotion, Groupon, Orange and others RemixJobs is definitely a very promising startup.



is the largests e-commerce SaaS in Sweeden. Being found in 1998 E-butik now has 1600 active customers with a turnover of over $120 million per year coming through the platform.


» is a fully custom e-commerce platform that sells goods for pets which is combined together with social engine.

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