Aricent Outsourcing company    10001-...    2006

Aricent takes pride in partnering with the world’s leading technology brands. Together we’re responsible for innovations that have created new markets worth billions. Working with Aricent means having a highly skilled leadership team that’s focused on your projects and understands how to create a framework for consistent innovation. We are the expertise behind many of the technologies that are powering a fully connected world.

United States (Redwood, White Plains, Tampa, Chicago, Plano)   Denmark (Copenhagen)   Finland (Helsinki)   Sweden (Stockholm)   Belgium (Namur)   United Kingdom (Newbury)   Germany (Nurnberg)   France (Paris)   Luxembourg (Luxembourg)   India (Curgaon, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore)   Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)   South Korea (Seoul)   China (Shenzhen)   Japan (Tokyo)   Mauritius

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