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Apriorit is open-minded communicative professionals who understand the business value of your projects and possess unique technical experience. In search of non-trivial interesting tasks, we made the special knowledge-intensive scopes of information technologies the key competences of our company. In our work, we are aimed to make complicated, innovative, unusual and thus hardly predictable projects controlled and managed. Technology talent and management talent come together in Apriorit to make talent work for business. It enables us to work successfully with tasks previously named as "impossible". It makes us proud when the clients, who came to us as to the last resort, get their projects implemented.

Ukraine (Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv, Zaporizhzhya)   Hungary (Budapest)


BootLoader Level Technologies


To provide security from the very beginning and guarantee it at the lowest level of OS, one needs to dive deep into kernel level and OS internals.

Device Management and Blocking


Any corporate policy includes rules as for ports and devices to protect company from data leakage and malware attack.

Stealth Technologies


It's important for many security applications to run in the silent mode: to protect them from being deleted or blocked.

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