ASPmedia Outsourcing company


SPmedia develops complex custom software for clients throughout the world. We are experts in creating applications with unusual user interface requirements, that interface to custom hardware, have significant real-time performance constraints, or that require efficient access to large quantities of data. We do the hard stuff, work you don’t want to do, work you don’t have time to do, work you’ve been told is impossible.

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TravelPD is one of the best web application development companies in India, which delivers feature rich designs to clients in diversified business models. We visualise your ideas with affordable cost and excellent quality. We have team of expert developers experienced in Joomla, Mangeto, PHP, Ecommerce, Wordpress, Opencart and HTML5. Web design and development services we offer for online travel agencies, destination management companies, b2b travel wholesalers & tour operators. Our offerings- Internet Booking Engines, B2B Agent Management, Inventory Management, Supplier Integration, Itinerary Management, Back & Mid-Office Management. If you are looking for cost effective travel portal development solutions, connect with us.

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System Technologies Outsourcing company

System Technologies

System Technologies is the major provider of IT solutions for banking, financial and industrial spheres. Our software is oriented to the effective solution of key business tasks of company clients. Today and always the main direction of System Technologies activity is the development of a self-sufficient IT industry able to improve economic potential of the country and make it one of the world centres of high technologies.

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Exadel Outsourcing company


Exadel is a global software application development company providing innovative technology solutions to its clients. Exadel’s technology leaders partner with our customers to deliver high-quality products – quickly and cost-effectively. We collaborate with our clients on a strategic level, providing on-demand access to our global innovation development teams. Exadel leverages open source technologies to reduce application lifecycle costs and improve overall productivity to gain competitive advantage for its customers. Our clients include AT&T, Samsung, Sprint, Avaya, Time Warner, Cox Communications, Bank of America, eBay, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, Sears, RBS, Kaplan, eBay,, Hewlett Packard, Tufts, University of California, GE, and UBS.

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SIA Autentica Outsourcing company

SIA Autentica

SIA Autentica is an ISO 9001 certified company with more than 100 employees providing business and IT strategy alignment, software development, implementation, support and maintenance services. Our customers are medium and large private sector companies, as well as government organizations and state institutions. SIA Autentica is a highly recognized IT company and we have knowledge and experience in implementation of complex IT projects in both national and international environment. SIA Autentica was founded in 2014 as a result of merger among SIA Special Solutions, SIA eBIT and SIA Open ID.

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Logic Way Ltd Outsourcing company

Logic Way Ltd

Logic Way provides comprehensive software development services for enterprises, startups, small and medium-sized businesses. Our core expertise is advanced web applications and complex enterprise-level solutions development. We deliver: Advanced application development (web/mobile/desktop); BPMS development and maintenance; Machine learning & Computer vision; Solutions for finances ; Development services for CAD/CAM/CAE systems; Dedicated teams for SW companies; Oracle db

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Roundhouse Creative

Phone: 1300 727 749 | Roundhouse delivers custom mobile app solutions across all platforms & devices including iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android and Web. We deliver custom solutions with competitive pricing. We design and develop apps for every device. Discover how we can help you create applications to increase productivity.

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DevCom Outsourcing company


DevCom is а Software Development Company with highly qualified personnel and strong experience in software products creation. Our primary objective is to provide customers with qualitative software consulting and outsourcing services. We deal with custom software development for IT vendors in the USA, Europe and have strong experience both in software technologies and the software development processes and organization. The field of DevCom’s activity covers many areas of Information Technology and we pay a great deal of attention to the enrichment and enhancement of our employees’ qualifications. Our wide experience helps us to find creative ways to minimize client's expenses and at the same time provide them with high-quality services. Our basic rule is to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. With this purpose we maintain all the requirements pointed in customers' specifications and provide them with best solutions in shortest period of time. Very competitive rates can be assured when projects are bundled with qualified employees who are experts in their development areas, using up to the minute modern technologies, coupled with efficient time allocation. Then through the use of Quality Assurance our clients have the advantage of creating high-quality software products for moderate prices. Our primary purpose is to make cooperation between our company and our clients highly effective and profitable to both sides.

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Apptraction Outsourcing company


Apptraction is an award-winning mobile app development company and a team of high-qualified developers with passion for mobility, talent for app engineering and knowledge for vectoring your products into the right direction and into the right hands of the avid community of users. Apptraction is not only about neat coding, it is about full-cycle dev path on the way to your success.

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Get the easiest to use Apartment and housing society management system that allows hassle-free management of society using apps like epartment ERP, Gatekeeper, and Apartment Resident app. Tenant management online is included in the functionality provided within our apartment ERP software and free resident management app.

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Go India Taxi Startup

Go India Taxi

Hire Taxi, Cab, Car Services in Rajasthan for your tour from Jaipur to Delhi, Jaipur to Kota, Kota to Jaipur, Jaipur to Agra, Delhi to Jaipur and many more. Visit

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VirusBlokAda Outsourcing company


The Company is a leader in development of antivirus software on Belarussian market offering packaged IT-services in implementation and support of antivirus security systems. VirusBlokAda Ltd. manufactures antivirus engine (AE) as a separate product. The AE is available for licensing to third party software vendors to take advantage of VirusBlokAda technologies and enhance user's protection level against viruses, spywares, adwares and other threats.

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Pixel Global IT Services ISV\SP - Independent Software Vendor

Pixel Global IT Services

We are a reputed Digital Marketing company that provides web solutions that are proven to grow your business online. We specialize in SEO, Local SEO, Paid Search, Web Design and Development, Social Media advertising, Software Development, Copywriting and more. We have proven record of establishing local businesses online through higher rankings on search engines and increased leads.

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Murano Software Outsourcing company

Murano Software specializes in assembling and managing dedicated teams of highly skilled technical professionals to augment your inhouse resources. With corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, CA and software development centers in Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, Murano offers you the convenience and security of working with a reliable U.S. corporation plus all the benefits of a highly affordable offshore outsource development team.

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Scorto Outsourcing company


Scorto is a globally recognized provider of risk management and decision analytics solutions and services. We have served lending and credit based organizations since 2005 by providing tools and platforms which have allowed our clients to make accurate and timely decisions, quantify credit risk, increase the profitability of credit portfolios, and improve operational efficiency. Our product line includes solutions for decision automation in loan origination, customer management and debt collection, SME lending and Basel II calculations.

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CodeMinders Outsourcing company


Ideas are born everyday, and they die just as quickly. That’s because the single hardest part of any new idea is actually going out and doing it. But today, startups and enterprises are running leaner than ever. Talent, quality talent, is in short supply, and development teams have less and less experience working with each other. Weak talent produces weak products, and rookie teams, make rookie mistakes. We have purposely designed a company based around our views on partnership, people, and process, and we bring these unique views to every project we take on. If you’re considering a development project, talk to our team. We’ll walk you through a brainstorming session where we can scope your project and explain how Codeminders works. It’s during this meeting that you’ll get a feel for our process and transparency and understand how we can build within your budget.

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ETNA Software Outsourcing company

ETNA Software

ETNA provides customizable white label online trading solutions to traders, brokers, developers and financial technology providers. ETNA's flagship product, ETNA Trader, automates online brokerages by streamlining execution, routing and crossing, clearing, compliance, risk management, back office automation, portfolio management and algo trading. The platform can be utilized for a wide range of asset classes including forex, stocks, options, futures, along with new and exotic instruments.

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Qoderoom ISV\SP - Independent Software Vendor


We are full-stack software developers crafting solutions for the industries such as - banking and finance, FMCG, insurance, GPS navigation, payment systems, sports, telecom, tourism, etc. Our extensive experience is the key when creating and marketing innovative products for startups or building up enterprise software solutions for large companies. We work with much passion, strive for perfection and always guarantee top quality products, long-term support and maintenance.

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OptimizDBA Integrator


We enhance the effectiveness of organization’s Database Optimization by resolving performance issues. MySQL Databases have several critical components that can be optimized. MySQL Optimization Experts have the right tools and decades of experience in improving the performance of MySQL database in enterprise-grade applications. Oracle Database Expert has a lot of good features in their database software and they are exclusive to the Oracle environments.

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iTechArt Outsourcing company


IT outsourcing company specializing in software engineering and mobile development in Eastern Europe for US and EU markets. We offer our clients a traditional IT outsourcing model of project-based services with abilityto establish own dedicated IT department in one of ours offshore development centers in Eastern Europe.

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