Mirantis is the number one pure-play OpenStack Company. We deliver all the technology, integration, training and support required for companies to succeed with production-grade open source cloud. More customers rely on Mirantis than any other company to scale out OpenStack without the compromises of vendor lock-in. Our bench of 400+ open source infrastructure experts helped make us one of the top 5 contributors to OpenStack’s upstream codebase.

501-1000   1999   2  
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ZVST Cloud Technologies Inc.,

ZVST Cloud Technologies Inc., is your premier partner in the development, implementation, execution and support of all Information Technology needs. Our advanced infrastructure, wide-ranging resource, knowledge, acquisition and domainexpertise ensures consistent growth in business. With customized software development, web and mobile application development, digital marketing, IT recruitment, letter-perfect implementation, unequaled quality assurance and quality control with maintenance and support, ZVST ensures consistent and coherent operation of each technology package within day-to-day operations.

21-50   2015  

Finport Technologies Outsourcing company

Finport Technologies has been working in the field of information technologies since 2000. The company’s priority areas are development, introduction and support of the integrated IT-solutions for financial market, state institutions, commercial corporations and holding companies.

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Aspen Technology Labs Outsourcing company

Aspen Technology Labs

Aspen Technology Labs is a full service online recruitment software agency since 2002. Over 10 million candidates have used our technology last year as part of their career search. Our software clients range from multi billion corporations to start ups. Since 2008, Aspen Technology Labs has moved to a software as service model offering job board, career site software and job wrapping service. We offer a complete package of online career tools and supporting services.

21-50   2002   3  

LimeJam Outsourcing company


LimeJam is the team of professionals in design, branding and IT. Our company aims to create a value for the customers providing effective and creative solutions. We appreciate simplicity and accuracy in every matter of concern. We care about emerging market accompanying them with complete individual solutions. We base our performance on international standards of workflow and usability.

1-20   2006  
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Soft Xpansion Outsourcing company

Soft Xpansion

Soft Xpansion Ukraine is focusing on developings and providing complex customized solutions for electronic archives document management, and corporate portals, with the goal automating business processes, information storage and document distribution and sharing. Soft Xpansion Ukraine provides customized solutions that integrate software and platforms fromsome of the world's leading vendors including ABBYY, Alfresco, Docsvision, Microsoft, EMC, PDF Xpansion, etc. In addition to supplying systems and solutions, Soft Xpansion Ukraine provides services for creating crucial corporate information infrastructure deploying software, integrating development projects, carrying out routine operations and also offers services providing the necessary hard ware and software. The company serves financial and state enterprises as well assmall, medium and large corporate clients.

51-200   1995   4  
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Advance® Software Outsourcing company

Advance® Software

Advance® SoftWare is a full-service interactive company based in Lviv, Ukraine. We develop, design and implement fast & professional an effective web solutions based on Open Source technologies and made by our own. We are able to rapidly, cost-effectively, and reliably create complete any web-based system. We create real business web applications for our clients - our works offer more efficient ways to do business in the new internet economy. With our strong competencies in web development, implementation, marketing, branding, technology and design we deliver world-class solutions to any communications challenge. Helping our customers to achieve their goals is the key to our long term success. We aim to listen to what customers tell us, respond professionally to questions and complaints and to build trust, respect and mutual understanding. In our undertakings we make effort to link experience with new technologies, knowledge with creativity, integral IT solutions with web techniques.

2004   3  
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Altabel Group Outsourcing company

Altabel Group

For 10+ years Altabel Group has been providing custom software development services for a variety of clients (innovative start-ups, SMBs or larger IT consultancies and industry leaders) all over the world. With prime focus on building up trustful long-term relationship, we ensure its flexibility and transparency. References from our customers are available upon request. At Altabel Group we are strong in general-purpose techs like .NET, JAVA, NodeJS, web including various JavaScript frameworks, iOS, Android, as well as Big Data and data engineering, Machine Learning and AI, IoT, AR/VR techs. Successful cooperation lies in the approach that we allocate only high-experienced IT-specialists (of Senior and strong middle level) abroad our customers’ projects on a remote basis (from Eastern Europe). Altabel’s core cooperation model - Dedicated Development Team (DDT) - helps our clients to leverage this high standard of resources' programming (and often maths) background, processes flexibility, direct communication and good cultural chemistry.

51-200   2007  
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ITlect Outsourcing company


ITlect is a custom software development company located in Minsk, Belarus (Eastern Europe). We specialize in working with small and mid-sized companies to optimize their costs on, and ensure the quality of custom software applications and IT infrastructure. We unconditionally guarantee the protection and security of your intellectual property. Our offshore development teams become an extension of your own team - dedicated to meeting your software outsourcing needs today, and growing with you as your needs evolve.

2008   2  
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Huawei Outsourcing company


At Huawei, we define human progress by innovations that enrich humanity. We do not view connectivity as a privilege, but a necessity. We believe that the impact of information and communications technology should be measured by how many people can benefit from it. Huawei is a leading global ICT solutions provider. Through our dedication to customer-centric innovation and strong partnerships, we have established end-to-end capabilities and strengths across the carrier networks, enterprise, consumer, and cloud computing fields. Our products and solutions have been deployed in over 170 countries, serving more than one third of the world's population.

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ToughByte Outsourcing company


We provide web development, software development, consulting and support services. Members of the team have experience in various fields: from developing high load systems to designing new and innovative web pages. Our know-how also includes common client wishes: e-shops, websites or similar systems development and support. We are young, but already experienced team that can easily adapt to client needs.

1-20   2015   4  
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Stream Labs ISV\SP - Independent Software Vendor

Stream Labs

Stream Labs is an international company providing professional solutions for Terrestrial, Satellite and Cable television stations, IPTV and OTT operators in 140 countries. Stream Labs’ satellite and cable television line of products expands broadcast automation, on air graphic design, ITV establishment, monitoring and control opportunities for its customers. Our company employs a creative, responsible staff, and our 15-year scientific and engineering thought achievements we turn to our developments professionalism. We use proven and innovative engineering and design solutions and the most modern production techniques. We evolve together with our customers. Participating in key exhibitions and trade shows worldwide, Stream Labs are aware of current client-facing issues and tusks. We try to anticipate these needs and requirements, continuously improving the quality of our solutions. Partnership and all possible high level assistance to our customers in addressing the challenges they face - this is the approach which we are confidently moving towards success with. Our purpose - strives to become the leading developer and manufacturer of professional solutions for broadcasters worldwide.

51-200   1991   1   1  
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ITSoft Web studio


ITSoft has two offices in the centre of Moscow: Our Head Office is located near to Paveletskaya metro station, and our second office is near to the Third Ring Road and Fili metro station. The company runs several departments and sub-departments:which allows us to offer a full range of services in site construction and promotion, hosting, providing dedicated servers and server colocation, development of logos and corporate identity, local network set-up and support, server administration, provision of access to the Internet, telephony, and information systems and database development, as well as IT accounting and legal services. ITSoft has amassed vast experience in delivering a variety of IT projects, and has technological cycles which are up and running and on-stream. The core of the company consists of graduates from Moscow's leading technical colleges: MIEM, The Bauman МGTU, MIET and others. Our way of working is distinct in its scientific approach, high-level quality of services and maintenance, as well as in the guarantees it provides.

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VietGest Corp. Outsourcing company

Our company specializes in concept, design and development of complex websites and advanced web applications. With our headquarters in Hanoi and satellite offices in Paris, Geneva and Ho Chi Minh City, our experienced team combines a wide range of expertise with a unique project management approach which allows us to meet all your needs.

21-50   2010   2  
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Componence ISV\SP - Independent Software Vendor


Componence has been providing innovative solutions for Internet, Social Media and Mobile devices since 2001. With over two hundred portal implementations Componence is market leader in the Netherlands.

51-200   2001   3   3  
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Tesnet Group Outsourcing company

Tesnet Group

Tesnet Group (TASE:TESNET) is the world’s first publicly-traded Quality Assurance and Testing company. Tesnet Group develops, implements, and delivers complete, methodology-based testing solutions for its clients’ mission-critical applications and has positioned itself as a market leader and trendsetter. With six regional offices, an international team of more than 300 experts and more than 300 clients worldwide, Tesnet Group has become synonymous with uncompromising professionalism, ground-breaking innovations, a reliable and transparent partnership with customers, and top-quality customer service. Tesnet Group combines its expertise in enterprise applications (ERP, CRM, DWH, Billing, e-Biz, Conversion, Real Time, Security, etc.) with in-depth knowledge of the broadest range of major industrial sectors – telecom, services, retail, finance, high-tech, insurance, pharmaceuticals, utilities, government and defense. Tesnet Group is a proud member of the Amanet Group (TASE:AMANET) which was founded in 1970 and operates as a multi-disciplinary systems house offering a wide range of solutions in the area of industrial management, engineering and logistics.

201-500   1997   4   8  
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Mifort Solutions Outsourcing company

Mifort Solutions

Mifort Solutions is a dynamic IT company that provides product development and also outsourcing of web development services. Our company aims at helping companies to build business process.The main goals of the company are high quality of work and project in-time delivery. The qualified members of our team find an individual approach to each customer and each project, considering all inquiries, wishes and features of business processes. We bring fresh ideas in any sphere of your business for the purpose to increase the operational efficiency of your company. Our services are web, mobile, desktop applications, blockchain technology, UX/UI design, machine learning and dedicated team. We are professionals in Frontend and Backend Development, Quality Assurance, DevOps and Project Management.

21-50   2015  
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Logic Way ltd. Outsourcing company

Logic Way ltd.

Logic Way is a software development company with a pool of 50+ professionals in Java, .NET, Front end, BI & more. We deliver software solutions and comprehensive development services for different fintech companies: crowdfunding platforms, investment and asset management software providers, P2P lending platforms, credit platforms, banking software providers and others. LW provides IT services since 2004.

21-50   2004  
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Qwesys Digital Solutions

Qwesys digital solutions provide Website design, Web Development, Mobile Applications, Ecommerce Solutions, Office Automation Projects, SEO services and PHP based company in India. Qwesys Digital Solutions, a name you can trust. We are a company that pioneers to a give a phase to your imagination. We are here to create new websites in HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP, upgrading older ones and undertake all projects related to PHP with latest creation in graphics. Say hello to the new era of online shopping, with our E-Commerce Solution. Product Development - With the latest web technologies, we offer solutions for any business needs. Responsive Design - We craft sites that provide an optimal browsing experience across wide range of devices.

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