Murano Software Outsourcing company

Murano Software specializes in assembling and managing dedicated teams of highly skilled technical professionals to augment your inhouse resources. With corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, CA and software development centers in Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, Murano offers you the convenience and security of working with a reliable U.S. corporation plus all the benefits of a highly affordable offshore outsource development team.

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Ericpol Outsourcing company


Ericpol’s engineers executed 800 comprehensive long-term projects in 75 countries. Key performance indicators (KPI – Key Performance Indicators are formalised indicators of performance applied to organisations in order to define and assess the efficiency of those organisations, usually in the matter of progress towards long-term goals.) and time-to-market indicators bear specific testimony to the quality of our services. Our competences and reliability cause that we are recognized as a trustworthy and safe partner in business, frequently awarded in both national and international branch competitions.

1001-5000   1991   3   
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DIGI-TEXX VIETNAM Ltd. Outsourcing company


DIGI-TEXX Vietnam is the ideal outsourcing partner for flexible Business Process Outsourcing and IT projects in Vietnam. The company specializes in digitization services of individual documents to complete archives. Our staff has extensive expertise of scanning workflows, structured data entry and processing as well as integrated document management solutions. Design and image processing complete the portfolio.

501-1000   2003   3   1  
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FATbit Technologies Outsourcing company

FATbit Technologies

FATbit Technologies is an industry-leading Web & Mobile Apps Development Company known for delivering engaging and innovative mobile applications.

51-200   2004   6  
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Railsware Outsourcing company


In our company we use Ruby On Rails as a core technology for delivering great web products. And it's impossible to build great web applications without knowledge of many other things: Relation databases, Key-value storages, Proxy, Web and Application servers, Javascript eco system, objective CSS and HTML5, Messaging systems and much more. Inside the company we have a number of approaches for how to learn new things, use them in production and share knowledge with team members. Expertise

51-200   2006   4  
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EuroCell Outsourcing company


EuroCell” LLC is specialized on high quality services granting and modern technological solutions development in telecommunications and Information Technology fields. Guided by the company mission, EuroCell strives to give new technological breath to the Ukrainian business as well as to realize its vision that is being a flagship in simplifying professional business processes by presenting vital technological and telecommunication solutions. The company is a member of a powerful corporation UDEC Group which gained a good reputation in the Ukrainian market of telecommunications, construction, legal services, promo-souvenir production, car leasing and real estate. In Ukraine, the number of UDEC Group personnel amounts to 1500 employees working in different regions of our country.

51-200   2005   1   3  
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Selleo Outsourcing company


Selleo is a web and mobile software development house. We support entrepreneurs, enterprise clients, agencies, IT / business consultancies and third-sector / NGO activists and innovators in their efforts to develop software infrastructure for web and mobile enabled processes and ventures. In doing so, Selleo design, develop, integrate and maintain custom web and mobile applications and advise on the related technology issues. Selleo seek collaboration with clients who are after software driven innovation, be it in private, public or voluntary sector.

21-50   2005   1  
IT in Poland Poland  

Go India Taxi Startup

Go India Taxi

Hire Taxi, Cab, Car Services in Rajasthan for your tour from Jaipur to Delhi, Jaipur to Kota, Kota to Jaipur, Jaipur to Agra, Delhi to Jaipur and many more. Visit

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CQG ISV\SP - Independent Software Vendor


or more than thirty years, CQG, Inc. has been the industry leader for fast, accurate, and reliable market data and unrivaled graphical analysis. Today, CQG provides high-performance trade routing, global market data, and advanced technical analysis. CQG partners with more than eighty FCMs and provides Direct Market Access to more than forty exchanges through its global network of co-located Hosted Exchange Gateways. CQG’s server-side order management tools for spreading, market aggregation, and smart orders are unsurpassed for speed and ease-of-use. CQG's market data feed consolidates more than seventy-five sources, including exchanges worldwide for futures, options, fixed income, foreign exchange, and equities as well as data on debt securities, industry reports, and financial indices. For more information about CQG, visit

201-500   1980   3   1  
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GP Outsourcing company


GP provides its services worldwide. Among GP clients there are travel agencies, tour operators, major vacation airlines, booking portals and other travel market players. Using our advanced travel industry software you can be sure about security, reliability and quality of your business. Year in year out we continue our work striving to improve and update our software for the benefit of our clients.

51-200   2002   3   1  
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Rikkeisoft Co Outsourcing company

Rikkeisoft Co

April 6, 2012, launched a Rikkeisoft friends 4 people. Rikkeisoft as Vietnam and the bridge of Japan, in order to meet the requests from Japanese customers, order to realize a dream of Vietnamese young people, will continue to push forward. Rikkeisoft, one of Vietnams leading IT companies, delivers high quality at a very low price, both project-based and as offshore development centre.

51-200   2012  
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Bump Networks Outsourcing company

Bump Networks

We're a creative technology company, specializing in web + mobile design and development. We have more than a decade of experience creating web based solutions for clients of all shapes & sizes, across many different sectors. Our team of expert designers are skilled in both visual and user interface design. They are able to create award-winning complex website designs and user-friendly apps which combine visually stunning designs with engaging user experiences that make your audience respond. Our team of developers is exceptionally skilled and has deep knowledge of the latest software, database and web development platforms. We live by our mantra: "There are no technical boundaries, only the limitations of our own imagination."

21-50   2001  

Iquadart Outsourcing company


Our mean area of expertise is web design and development. Visual design is what we love, but consider to be an extra facility. All the experts in our team share a common goal of creating websites that communicate the required message clearly, simply, and effectively. We make websites that are as productive as they are visually attractive.

2004   5  
IT in Belarus Belarus  

Bit Shifters Outsourcing company

Bit Shifters

The Bit Shifters team can make your life easier. With the help of our engineers and support experts we can improve your infrastructure performance, therefore optimizing your IT costs and increasing your employees productivity. At our Network Operations Center we will monitor, administer and manage your IT infrastructure, and only call you if your attention is really needed. We monitor anything with an IP address, including applications, websites, servers and networks. We also offer Tier-1 support, including runbooks made custom for your needs, emergency inbound call support and much more.

1-20   2015  

Axon Active Vietnam Outsourcing company

Axon Active Vietnam

We are Swiss-owned company specialized in Agile software development and testing. We provide businesses around the globe Offshore Development Center (ODC) and Offshore Testing Center (OTC) services, including appropriate human resources and infrastructure, to help them turn their conceptual idea into real products.

201-500   2008   3   3   1  
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eZ Systems Outsourcing company

eZ Systems

With this simple idea, eZ has successfully developed eZ Publish, which will soon evolve into eZ Platform and eZ Studio, and has grown into a vibrant global company with a thriving open ecosystem of users, partners, customers and the “eZ crew” team members. The eZ Systems Group was created in order to develop innovative solutions in digital fields that can be combined with eZ Publish (and its successors) to maximize effectiveness, and can also serve as standalone services. Our solutions enable organizations to build and run digital properties of all sorts. We help to create compelling user experiences for all digital channels, such as websites, mobile applications, online stores, and web services with heavy content. Our solutions are the backbone for your digital products and services. Our solutions leverage content through all digital channels, such as websites, online stores, apps, web services at maximum efficiency and simplicity. Our solutions are open and flexible in order to adapt to your business needs and grow with them. eZ Systems solutions are intelligent, giving you insights to optimize your digital business and grow sales, leads, traffic or any other digital success factor.

1999   2   1  
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Godel Technologies Europe Outsourcing company

Godel Technologies Europe

In an ever-changing world, staying ahead of the competition is now harder than ever before. Optimisation of business processes and performance is a continuous necessity if we are to improve customer engagement, realise increased efficiency and ultimately generate increased turnover and profit. To achieve this, organisations must implement software solutions that are specifically designed and developed to their unique business processes. We offer leading-edge technical knowledge and proven experience, taking a consultative approach to understanding your needs in order to support you in choosing the most suitable development approach.

51-200   2002   3   1  
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Accumulator Outsourcing company


Agency ACCUMULATOR Digital Agency was founded in 2002 because of the irresistible desire to create beauty and functionality in the online space. Over 12 years of continuous growth and development of our agency helped the owners of all sorts of businesses and their customers to find each other and stay in touch without leaving the comfort of homes and offices in Ukraine, Russia, the United States, England and other countries. Our main field of activity - a web development and custom web-based systems, mobile applications for Android and IPhone, creation memorable corporate identity, recognizable logo, bright and comfortable design, impressive 3D graphics.

2002   4  
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Telesens Outsourcing company


Telesens has been providing software products and IT services primarily to the Telecommunications market for over 15 years. Telesens International ltd. (London, UK) is one of the European leaders in the development, distribution and support of software systems across a variety of sectors. Our aim is to support our customers in achieving their goals, whatever the challenges may be. Telesens International ltd. offers modern, scalable products for leading national and international telecom providers, such as Deutsche Telekom AG (Germany), Kyivstar (Ukraine), Ukrtelecom (Ukraine), Kazakhtelecom (Kazakhstan), as well as for small and medium sized telecommunication companies.

51-200   1998   5   12  
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PressOK Entertainment Outsourcing company

PressOK Entertainment

PressOK Entertainment publish games across all platforms including iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, BREW and J2ME.We're a small group of passionate mobile gamers. If you love our games, we'd love your support!

1-20   2008   3   1  
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